Some Indian food items that can compete with pizza and burgers

The major problem in India is that we are not proud about our owns..we really like to follow the west blindly.
Fact is that, there are many Indian food which can not only compete  Pizza, burgers but actually can beat them. Here are few..

1. Kolkata’s Roll


2. Chicken Tikka


3. Dosa

4. Luchi or Parota with Kasa Mangso


5. Barha Pao


6. Fish Cutlet


7. Kobirazi Cutlet


8. Karimeen Fry


9. Singara and Jilipi


10. Tunday Kabab


……and there are many more.
Problem is these items you will find in every corners of India, so it is hard for a company like Mcdonald or KFC, to get success by selling those items, unless and until they come up with some secret ingredient.


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