Here’s what you should know before buying a suit?

1.  Buy the highest quality suit you can afford.  Custom made or “bespoke” (as our good Domhnall says, across the pond) ensures you have the best fit.


Fit trumps everything in how you look.

2.  If you can’t invest in custom or bespoke, buy the next best thing: Neopolitan off the rack/ready to wear.


Fit trumps everything in how you look.

2.  If you can’t invest in custom or bespoke, buy the next best thing: Neopolitan off the rack/ready to wear.

The last word on the philosophy of Neapolitan tailoring goes to Mr. Tofani. Now 47, he started to learn tailoring from his father when he was 13 and works with his brother Enea, who specializes in trousers. Together, they produce one suit a week, depending on the type and the customer’s demands.


“You have to understand that Neapolitan tailoring is an art and not a job,” said Mr. Tofani, who hopes that his own son will learn the family skill.  The New York Times

3.  Buy classic.  No thick lapels, skinny lapels, double breasted or unusual colors- unless it’s your ninth or tenth suit.  As a general rule (in the U.S.):

  • single breasted
  • two-button
  • single vent
  • navy or charcoal
  • straight leg (not the right-now skinny, thought it looks great)


You’ll get the greatest number of years from this suit with very little tweaking.  Unless you put on tremendous beer belly weight.

4.  Buy from a place you’ll be giving business to for years to come.  This is investment dressing, it’s not a one-time sale.  This way your wardrobe builds and the store gets to know you and what you need, what your measurements are, what you want.  They want to make you happy and you want to look good, feel confident and trust your store in order for that happen.

5.  Never cheap out on the shoes.  If you have to cut back somewhere on your “look”, go with a less expensive suit and make sure you buy leather-soled shoes.  Nothing looks worse than a nice suit and cheap shoes.  People who know, know.



You want the total look.

6.  Again, it’s all about the fit.  If you are not in the position to drop a lot on a suit, look for the best fabric available on ready -to-wear (as per D’OH and everyone).  The suit can be altered by a good tailor but you need as little fake poly/nylon/viscose or whatever in the fabric content to maintain a good hand feel.




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