Some Unique Prasads at Temples in India!

‘Prasada’ literally means a gracious gift. It denotes anything, typically an edible food, that is first offered to a deity, saint, Perfect Master or an avatar, and then distributed in His or Her name to their followers or others as a good sign. The prasada is then considered to have the deity’s blessing residing within it. In contemporary Hindu religious practice in India, the desire to get prasada and have darshana are the two major motivations of pilgrimage and temple visits

1.Karni Devi Temple, Rajasthan:Prasad Laced with RAT Saliva

2. Kaal Bhairav Temple, Ujjain:Alcohol


3. Jagan Nath Temple, Puri:Mahaprasad of 56 Dainties


4. Ganpatipule Temple, Maharashtra:Kichidi,Pickle & Boondi

5.Chinese Kali Mandir, Kolkata:Noodles

6.Alagar Kovil Temple, Tamil Nadu:Dosa



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