WhatsApp’s Good Old Text-Only Status Is Making A Comeback

You know what, Whatsapp? Sometimes boring status updates like “Hey there, I’m on Whatsapp” or “Busy” or “Do not disturb” just work. No need to change the old ways just for the heck of it.

Last month, the world went gaga over Whatsapp’s “Status” update, which allowed users to broadcast Snapchat Stories-like animated videos as updates, replacing the good old way of posting just text updates. But no more of that jazz! Text status updates are returning on Whatsapp!

Yeah, the word was out on the street ever since Whatsapp Status launched in February — Whatsapp users hated the update! And the company very quickly realized that change can’t be forced down the chain and can’t definitely come at the expense of sensible features that just work. That’s why the decision to bring back good old text-only status updates in Whatsapp very soon.

Old Whatsapp Status Is Back

While the Status tab isn’t being replaced (much to everyone’s chagrin), old text-field to enter Whatsapp status updates is back in the latest beta version of the app on Android. Just like it used to be, you can access your old-fashioned, text-based Whatsapp status under your profile settings from within the app. If you can’t wait for its stable launch, try out WhatsApp beta 2.17.95 to find the good old text-only status updates within the app.


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