Is having fruits for dinner a good idea?Here’s What we think

There is a saying “In mornings, eat like a king; afternoon, like a prince; night, like a pauper”.

The concept is that dinner should be light and easy to digest as we go to the ‘Fast Mode’ while we sleep. No physical activity, thus are required to keep it simple.

Scientists have proven that what, when, how much,how often,even with whom we eat!!! affects our health.

The basic advantages of eating fruits are:

  1. Fruits Contain Lots of Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants – Boosts metabolism, keeps us young and healthy, helps us maintain/lose weight.
  2. Researches show that it reduces the percentage of risk of getting many diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes (ii), cancer

What do we eat?

Our scenario- fresh fruits and vegetables.


1.Can be made as a smoothie with milk or yogurt without sugar probably.

2.Make salads with spices and lime and even nuts.

When do we eat?

Dinner is best to be had before 8 pm or 2 hours before sleep. It is not healthy to go to bed stomach full.

Also fresh fruits and veggies are best when had on empty stomach and not with any other food item. You need to leave a gap of at least 30 minutes between a meal and a fruit snack in general. If had with other food it will not be absorbed properly in our system along with the chance of spoiling the entire content in our stomach.

How much do we eat?

If you need 2,200 calories per day and you eat two snacks, subtract 100 calories for each, and that leaves you with 2,000 calories. One way to plan your calorie intake at breakfast, lunch and dinner is to divide this number evenly into two meals, giving you 500 calories to spend on dinner.

Here is a sample calorie chart for for fruits and veggies;

The vitamin and mineral content of fruit differs depending what you choose, but for the best health, vary your intake to get a wide range of nutrients.

It makes sense that if you want to maximize the health effects, then focus on the fruit with the greatest amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals compared to the sugar and calorie content.

Fruits are super healthy… Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!!!


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