Here’s Why Friends (the TV show) was so successful

TV sitcoms come and go. A few linger on for some time. Others have some memorable dialogues. Some remain popular for their high ratings and horde of trophies while the rest boast of a formidable cast. Among this far-spread out sea of The Big Bang Theories, How I Met Your Mothers and Modern Families, one tiny water droplet shines and stands out. Yes, I am talking about Friends. The insanely hit 90’s show of the highly competent duo of David Crane and Marta Kauffman starring the supremely talented David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc.

Friends is much more than an insanely hit TV show. It is the balm for all worries, the stress-buster after a tension-infused day, a sublime treat for everyday achievements, an exceedingly satisfying break from a rigorous study routine and last but not the least, this epic sitcom is your confidante, your consoling shoulder and an integral part of your life.

“Oh My God”, we say this à la Janice style whenever we have to express awe or shock or excitement. We never count like 1, 2, 3… rather we go- one Mississippi, two Mississippi and so on. Our perennial reply to someone asking for advice is: “Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” Whenever a friend is feeling down or sick, we sing him/her “Smelly Cat.” “How you doin’?” is our favorite phrase for impressing the opposite sex (or same too for that matter).

Ross, the affable nerd, is the one we all sympathize to. Seeing your wife of 7 years turn into a lesbian is not exactly anyone anticipates. EVER. Such platonic attachment to a monkey is not only unheard of but reflects Ross’s extremely sensitive human (animal?) side. The butt of all paleontology and science jokes, Ross is so cute and rickety that we can’t help but simply love this guy despite all his flaws.

Monica! The hyper-active, loud, and shouting, screeching and screaming beauty. Her life may revolve around spick and span tea-cups, accurately positioned furniture and perfect to the last grain of salt food, but Monica is no doubt the glue that holds the whole group together. Caring, selfless (remember how she made arrangements for different types of potatoes for everyone for Thanksgiving?), magnanimous and in short, a wonderful human being, we all have to admit that we simply adored the fat, awkward Monica!

Chandler. Could there BE anyone you want more to be a part of your life? No words can describe him. Chandler’s sarcasm is GOD. His satirical anecdotes are beyond epic. His comic timing is better than an atomic clock. Trust him to make you feel better however low, depressed, horrible or awful you might be feeling. We all laugh at his jokes, we respect him for their profoundness and we love him because we know what he is hiding behind this veil of sarcasm. He’ll forever remain the funniest guy television has produced.

Rachel, the pretty and more pretty and more pretty (I could literally go on), bitch of the group. Okay that might not have come out as expected but it’s true. She might be selfish, but it’s all because of the uncalled for transition she underwent through. From leaving Barry at the altar, to having the courage to work as a waitress, she epitomizes the ideal strong, independent woman. We love her because of her innocence, child-like actions and the breath of fresh air she is.

Pheebs! Quirkiness redefined. Weirdness escalated to the level of cool. She is UNIQUE. There can never be another Phoebe. She has an identity of her own and however out-of-the world or unconventional it might be, she is proud of it and we love her for it. Phoebe is like that one shot of tequila you need when life becomes too monotonous. Her straight-forwardness, oozing confidence and those horrible songs she plays; so terrible that we crave them, compels us to embrace ourselves from within, however different we might be from others.

Yo Joey so dumb he makes the dodos appear intelligent. Yes, Joey Tribbiani. The macho-guy, carefree as a bird (or more), and so simple in nature, behavior and personality that one wonders whether he has a shield protecting him from the complexities of the world? Nevertheless, Joey is the best friend you could ever make, most understanding and fun room-mate you could ever imagine and the most loyal and sweet life-partner you could ever get. With negativity clipped and all the seven deadly sins clamped from his mind, Joey is that one person who always looks up, thinks positive and plans ahead.

If you have watched Friends, there is no doubt that these 6 people have carved a permanent place in your heart. At every moment, you are reminded of them. You feel content knowing they are there for you always and how despite being just fictional characters, you connect with them as if they are real.

This is the beauty of this TV show. It transforms your life. Permanently. For the better.


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