What We Think About WhatsApp’s New Status Update Feature!

voxeo.in doesn’t like this feature.

WhatsApp is huge success for its simplicity. It is successful even when it had paid model.

But the moment Facebook acquired it, Voxeo.in sensed something fishy. They had tried to steal the data by changing their policies, even though it had end-to-end encryption, claiming to better the ‘user experience’ across different platforms ( Facebook etc., ) just to make their ads relevant to us.

WhatsApp’s privacy policy is bigger than just sharing info with Facebook

He tried to acquire Snapchat, but couldn’t succeed. Started copying it’s features in Facebook, but failed to make users engage.

Snapchat CEO Reveals Why He Rejected Facebook’s $3 Billion Offer

Facebook tries to clone Snapchat for 8th, 9th and 10th times

Finally he brought the same in Instagram stories and made users engage.

Instagram Stories Are Officially a Success (And What That Means for Marketers) | Simply Measured

But now, he brought the same in WhatsApp. But this a terrible move.

Why ?

Those who are using Instagram, Facebook are mostly youth and can adapt to any change ( In fact ridiculous, completely time wasting stupid features ).

But what about WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp is used by many users including those who mainly want to connect with friends and family, not to boast off their parties or hang outs or their speedometers.

Thats the reason why its disgusting, to see this new feature. WhatsApp founders wanted to keep it simple and straight, the reason why it’s highly popular and successful, but now they are trying to make it complex enough.

Why Facebook wants to copy Snapchat features ? Because Snapchat is more engaging its users than other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Snapchat users are more engaged than any other social media app

Facebook want to engage those non-snapchat and non-instagram users in WhatsApp now. As the status expire in 24 hours, they are more prone to spend their time in status tab now, just to make sure they don’t miss their friends exciting status or pout selfies in malls, their parties etc.,

But yes at the end it always depends on us how we technology. But one thing is sure, Facebook is definitely ruining the experiance of WhatsApp.


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