What can Cortana do that Siri can’t?

Cortana can sing a song,play a song from your device ,tell a joke ,play a movie guessing game and rock paper scissors ,tell u about the best route to your work , do an impression. The best part is the cortana can perform the basic tasks like calling one of your contact even without internet.

everyone loves minions.

this one from star wars.

this dialogue is from an old hindi movie “Vishwanath” starring Shatrughan Sinha.

a famous line from hindi movie  “Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” starring Shahrukh Khan.
there were many more from different movies like 3 idiots , and some south Indian movies .

jokes from cortana.

rock paper scissors game.

and she knows about herself too.

bit of humor there .

EDIT: Some new screenshots of Cortana’s answer for better personal assistant

this is in reference to the HALO as Microsoft Named Its Siri Rival ‘Cortana‘ After a ‘Halo‘ Character .

Cortana surely knows and admits too that Siri is good too



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