5 Things to Do With Your Partner When In Dubai

Dubai is not just known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene, but is also a perfect destination to get-away with a companion to blow off some steam when the monotony of life gets to you.  A short trip is all you need to break away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life and rejuvenate.

Hot Air Ballooning: This activity brings along a promise of a great adventure. Sail through the great Dubai desert into the sunset in a hot air balloon. It definitely makes for an unparalleled adventure that you will cherish forever! You’ll see Dubai through a magical ride over sand dunes, camels and gazelles. This flying expedition is surely something you can’t miss!

Kayaking: Are you looking for adrenaline pumping adventurous? Then Kayaking, a burgeoning sport is one activity you should definitely try out when in Dubai! Get out on the water in a double kayak and soak in the beauty of this magnificent city! Here’s a tip, casual paddlers will do better in the mornings when the water is much calmer.

Horse Riding: What could be more fun and spontaneous than riding off into the desert on a horseback? Mushrif Equestrian and Polo Club of Dubai offer desert rides and solo lessons. So whether you are a first time rider or an experienced one, you ought to surprise your partner with this unusual transportation amidst the tranquil desert. If you choose to do this, you’re sure to leave with a deep sense of appreciation for these magnificent creatures for sure.

Couple’s Spa: If you truly want to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your partner, Dubai offers a wide variety of luxurious and amazing couple spa options for a complete mental and physical therapy!  You can check Raffle spa which offers the perfect environment for living well, inclusive of one couples spa suite and unmatched spa and wellness facilities.

Party in Dubai: Dubai’s claim to fame is its vibrant nightlife! We all need that one night out where we can be completely free. Mostly the clubs, such as White Dubai, Cavalli Club, Cirque Le Soir, VIP Room and Blue Marlin Ibiza are packed on Thursday and Friday nights. Do go out to one of these clubs and have a gala time!


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