Analysts speculate that Apple is building ‘iPhone 8’ earlier than its normal manufacturing cycle

Analysts from BlueFin Research have speculated that Apple is going to start iPhone 8 production as soon as possible. They further detailed that this is partly because of the record breaking earning of the company in the latest earnings report. Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 with a radical change in design and the earnings reports has given them a significant push because of the surging demand, beating the expectations by analysts.

John Donovan from BlueFin Research Partners adds that despite the early start in building the smartphone, there is no information about any changes in the launch date of the smartphone. He further detailed that the company has adjusted the launch of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE. Steve Mullane, another analyst from the firm gave inputs about the supply chain used by the company. He commented that there were no significant changes in the supply chain used by Apple.

He further detailed that a 300 percent increase is expected in the Apple iPhone supply chain around June as the production of iPhone 8 increases. This time Apple is set to work on building and production from June, a clear deviation from the usual September timeframe for next generation iPhone.


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