Do gaming headphones help immersion?

Gaming headset vs normal headset

Headsets come in all shapes and sizes, over the ear, on the ear, in ear etc. and as varying as their shapes and function are, all of them are designed for one specific purpose, Immersion. That immersion could be true for any medium you use them with, whether it is for movies, music or any other form of entertainment that you can dream of. A good pair of Headsets will isolate you from the outside world, immersing you into another world. It will literally suspend you in the content. There is something you should however know that not all Headsets are created equally.

While a good set of cans can immerse you into any medium, a dedicated gaming headset transports you into another world. Playing a game such as DOOM with a headset on completely immerses you into the role of the Doom Marine, battling the evil minions of Hell as they come at you in great numbers. Headsets allow you to pick up the minutest of details, like the distinct cry of an Imp from a distance or the growl of a Pinky demon before he charges at you. You also get a sense of space and depth; you know where the bullet is coming from, where it is ricocheting from. It becomes essential that you hear each minion clearly so that you can plan your attacks and stay on the move or risk biting the dust.

Which brings us to the question, what makes a gaming headset tick? Or a better question would be what differentiates a gaming headset from a normal one?

First of all, most headsets aren’t designed for prolonged use. What do we mean by that? Well, normal Headsets are created to cater on-the-go entertainment needs, a movie on a plane, a song or two while travelling, designed to tune you out of the external environment for a short period of time. This isn’t particularly conducive to gaming as a normal gaming session is prone to last longer than an average film or even the duration of a music album. Imagine Pro gamers taking off their Headsets after every five minutes during a heated death match, it just won’t cut it. These guys are playing on for hours and hours.

That’s why top end Gaming Headsets like the HyperX Cloud series are designed for long term wear. They come with comfortable ear cushions that have memory foam, which remembers your preferred placement over the ears so that you can game for a longer amount of time without ear fatigue. There are also options that allow you to switch between leatherette and velour ear cushions which mean you are not restricted to a single material.

Importantly, it must be taken into account that normal Headsets come with drivers, a mechanical component that propels the sound into the ears. On normal Headsets for movies and music this is good enough, but for gaming you not only need a driver but also a built in amplifier. Why? Because a small rustle of a camper’s boot or the scuttle of a mutant who is going to flank you can alert you, so you are prepared for the inevitable attack. The HyperX Cloud II comes with 53mm drivers which are primed to send Hi-Fi sound to your ears, so that you feel every rattle or thump of an explosion or a sniper bullet leaving the gun chamber in the distance. The amplification also helps pump up the sound and elevate the conical experience ensuring a proper immersive experience.

Probably the most important part in a headset is the mic. Now you might scratch your head and say “Huh?” But you would nod that same head in agreement when you take your team out for a spin in Overwatch for a heated multiplayer session. The Mic is essential for team communication, allowing barking or receiving orders from other teammates. The HyperX Cloud II comes certified for use with software’s like TeamSpeak and Discord, allowing you to set-up and be ready to go instantly. The mic is also detachable meaning you can remove it when you want to immerse yourself in a Single Player environment or listen to some music.

Finally, one will always ask “Why should I spend this much money on a headset designed for one case scenario?” Now you may ask this but what you must know is the fact that same circuitry drives an immersive gaming experience, also makes it great for listening to music or watching a movie. The HyperX Cloud series is built with dual use in mind, meaning the internals that drives the thump behind your explosions; also drive that oomph behind a groovy bass-line.

A prime pair of Gaming Headset gives you an edge in battle, it doesn’t improve your skills but it does give you more time to react to a situation based purely on sound.HyperX Gaming Headsets also enhance immersion in single player gaming situation, so that a game like Watch Dogs 2 or Dishonored 2 feels like it’s happening in your own backyard. Gaming headsets effectively silence the world around you, so you can be engrossed in the action.


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