Have a Jio 4G SIM? Don’t use it for work or business

Have a Jio 4G SIM? Don't use it for work or business

The Jio 4G services rolled out publicly on September 5. Since then the network has acquired consumers at a pace of almost 6 lakh a day. By now it probably has somewhere close to 30 million users. If you are one of them and have the Jio SIM cards, don’t try to use Jio connection for business or work. Although, if you do attempt, you will fail hard.

This is something I realised on the night of October 27, as I tried watching the Apple keynote about the new MacBook Pro on a laptop that was connected to the web using the Jio SIM card in an Android phone. Usually, when it comes to work — such as tracking live-streamed keynotes from gadget companies — I rely on either the my home broadband or the office internet connection. But this time, I didn’t have access to either and hence had to use the Jio. The experience, in one word, was frustrating.

The Jio connection just refused to properly stream the Apple keynote. It video would stream for a few seconds before freezing. Or it would just refuse to connect to the web, although a bit of web browsing like checking Twitter worked fine. Either there was something seriously wrong with the Jio network, or may be the way it handled the streaming was a problem.

Whatever the reasons, this is not the first time my experience has been poor with the Jio network. Of late, whatever promise it showed in the early days is all gone. The speed is bad most of the time — although around 1am or 2am — it gets better and there are occasions when even sending an image or two is frustrating using the Jio network.

With the Jio failing hard, I switched on the hotspot in my other phone, which had an Airtel connection. It worked, more or less, fine. It wasn’t anything blazing fast and there were a couple of time when the videos stream broke. But overall, I managed to watch the event.

Now, this is not some random experience. The Jio network is unreliable. As a free service, which is in beta, it is also somewhat expected. But of late, the service has become so bad that it is almost unusable. And that makes it a really really bad choice if you want to use the SIM for anything other than a secondary SIM that you are using it is free.

I usually take Uber to commute around and I have met a number of cab drivers who switched to Jio SIM and are now regretting their choice. The idea for them was simple. They were lured in by the promise of “free” everything for 3 to 4 months. Many of them use the data almost all the time on their phone because they are always running Google Maps and Uber app. And they pay at least a thousand rupees or so every month for the service. They thought that with Jio SIM they will save this cost, even if it is for a few months.

They also thought that they will get the better network. As part of the Job Uber drivers go to various places and the network service from other operators is not always wonderful. They had heard of Jio a lot and thought it would solve the issues they have.

Sadly, none of that is working out. The network coverage is hardly better and nowadays the Jio data service they get is so bad and frustrating that it affects their business

From:India today by Jawed Anwar


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