Lightroom For iOS Updated To Capture RAW Images


For professional photographers, capturing images in RAW is generally preferred. This is because RAW images aren’t compressed unlike JPEG files, meaning that they retain a certain quality about them that photographers can further edit and manipulate either without worrying about degrading the quality further.

For regular folks, this isn’t really an issue, but if you plan to publishing or printing photos, then the ability to have better control over your images is usually preferred. Now for smartphone photographers, Adobe has announced an update to its Lightroom app in which they will be adding support for RAW image capture and edit within the app itself.

“Today we are excited to announce an important update to Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and iPad that adds the ability to capture and edit raw photos using Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) file format. Having a true end-to-end raw workflow, powered by DNG and Lightroom, on your iPhone and iPad makes it possible to create absolutely stunning photos that, until a few years ago, could only have been done with a traditional camera.”

This means that users won’t need to launch a separate camera app to capture a RAW image before going back to Lightroom for editing. The latest update brings the app version up to 2.5 which should already be live, so hit up the iTunes App Store for the download.


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