Prisma App Taken Offline

​​If you’re alive on social media you can’t have failed to notice the impact of Prisma, the app responsible for converting user photos into eerily convincing ‘paintings’ in the styles of numerous famous artists.

Now, with the latest update to the iOS version, Prisma has implemented a major change thanks to the development of new, more efficient code. From now on, the app will be able to process images directly on your phone rather than uploading them for processing on Prisma’s online servers.
Prisma uses a technology called ‘neural networks’ to enable the system to extract the essence of what makes a particular artist’s work recognisable and then uses this information to re-draw your own uploaded photos in this new style.
After a short wait, you can see your images transformed into ‘paintings’ resembling works by artists such as Munch, Lichtenstein or Mondrian among an ever-expanding list of many others, as well as occasional sponsored styles which currently provide the source of income for Prisma’s developers.

 Prisma’s developers claim this will reduce processing time to around 5 seconds on an iPhone 6S, although processing speeds will now depend on the power of your phone, so older models will take a little longer. 

As for those servers which are no-longer being used to process images, the Prisma team doesn’t intend to let them sit idle: offline photo processing will free them up to work on Prisma’s next big update – video.

Some users have already been creating Prisma-style videos by uploading and processing each frame one-at-a-time, but the developers intend to implement native video support in the near future.

You can download Prisma for iOS from the app store and for Android (with offline processing coming soon) in Google Play Store.



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