Samsung updates S Health

Samsung has issued a new update for its S Health app,this health tracker application is changing its layout for easier use and adding in a new option for users.Bringing S Health up to version 5.0 the update is focused around making fitness much more social, by introducing a few tweaks to the user interface, fitness challenges, and new leader-boards.

The S Health app allows users to track and record a number of lifestyle features from food intake, weight, sleep and stress, and also includes a coaching option to help with motivation and challenges.

The new service named Ask Experts that lets users start Q&As with local healthcare professionals to ask questions about their workouts. It’s currently only available in South Korea but will “expand to other countries in the near future.”

The main change is the replacement of the single S Health dashboard with three tabs: Me, Together, and Discover. The Together tab puts all of S Health’s social features in one place, letting users share activity data to Facebook, keep track of private leaderboards, and challenge friends to one-on-one competitions (like aerobic step challenges). The Discover tab, meanwhile, is more about editorial content — with Samsung promising news, guides, and articles on “healthy living and workout tips.”

The Ask Experts service is the most interesting aspect of the update, but we’ll have to wait until it becomes more widely available to try it for ourselves. Samsung says users can “ask questions, find answers and get helpful advice from professional health consultants local to their country,” making contact via “text, phone, or a simple search.” Will this be a free service? How does Samsung vet and certify its consultants? And do they know why my shoulder makes a weirdnoise when I lift anything heavier above my head? We’ve got a lot of questions.



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