With popularity of the Pokémon Go game, it’s now moving to big screens for an inspired action movie.

With taking the nerves down from the teenagers to the adult, the game Pokémon go created a whooping trend back days. Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch are in talks for the upcoming live-action movie inspired by the Japanese media franchise ‘Pokémon’.

“Pokémon”, was first created by Satoshi Tajiri back in 1995, which is till now a franchise of video games, trading cards, TV shows, comic books and movies that center on the unique creatures that are collected by Pokémon trainers, who train them to battle for sport, that was the basic line-up for a idea which took it by a storm creating a major success.

Legendary and The Pokémon Co previously announced that they are set to roll out and launch the first “Pokémon” live action film franchise-based on Detective Pikachu, a new character in the Pokémon universe, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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