Facebook launches Lifestage, a teen-only social app

The social network media giant has launched a new IOS app Life stage-which basically looks and veils like a video diary where your answers have a dropped down questions about yourself and can share a visual profile of who you are with your school network.

Lifestage has age bar which only works for a 21 or the younger ones, which is a sorted stage of platform only for the teenagers, so hard luck with it. This app allows you to discover new people by the profiles that they’ve created for more about them, facebook said in a blog on Saturday.


“Every time someone updates their page, it shows up in a feed prompting others to check it out. Once your school is unlocked, you can access of others in your community and discover others who are the same stuff as you are, and connect with them.”

If in case if you are 22 or older you will although see your profile but will be unable to access or view the profiles enlisted unless the minimum of 20 people from the same school start using it.

During the sign-up process, Lifestage says that it cannot confirm that the people who claim to go to particular school actually belong to that school and also the age restricting bar is still a vague question to be answered. It’s without doubt that the branding of facebook is less than enough to whoop it to greater heights.


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