Xiaomi Unravels a Ridiculously Reliable Mi Band 2

With making its giant leap towards the smart bands last year, xiaomi had bit of a back track with a few compromises that the tech heads were not happy with, most importantly and a huge set back was the lack of the display. A year later now xiaomi has risen against the circumstances and has now hit market with a whoop, introducing a ridiculously budget oriented smart band. It’s a smart move to improvise and to fix the flaws. The new device has a display and a heart rate senor in addition to the features.


As the predecessor of the older version the new smart band has two components- a capsule and a band.  The band is made of a rubber like material nothing compromised with the comfort ability. With reviews bugging down it has made no issue when it was wore for around a week each day for half an hour around the clock with no irritation to the derma. So to the bottom line the band is comfortable and secure.


The Mi band 2 also features with automatic sleep tracking, which works and trigger efficiently. With the band being put to check against the built-in step tracker on iPhone 5S it performed well par with efficient points down the table. There is even more to it, if you want the band to vibrate when you get calls, texts, and app notifications then the Mi Band could be a bang deal for thee. The Mi Band also allows works as an alarmy by letting you set alarms and wakes you up with discrete buzz, the one useful feature for the lazy lads battling hard to hit the gym on time. Well alerts can be set via Mi fitness app. The app shows the basic features as such steps/distance covered and sleep time and pretty much the insights of the day which can be a great agenda to the fitness freaks out there. It houses an exceptional battery, for a stretchy period of use. But the device needs a proprietary charger, which could be a problem if you lose it or forget it.


The Xiaomi as always does a great deal of saving up you r money by giving a whooping feature at pocket oriented values. Its reliable features will not be a disappointing note. The band has not hit India but has marked up its launch in its homeland at 149 CNY. If the price in our own country is around and less than 2,000 then it’s worth a shot.


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