Apple Watch 2 :News So Far


The Apple CEO recently promised that the Apple Watch will get “better and better” and it’ll be something you can’t imagine having you lived without. Sounds incredibly promising.

Apple is said to be planning two new models of the Watch for 2016. The bigger upgrade, dubbed “Apple Watch 2” for now, will reportedly have “the same general design” as the current Watch, but include new internal components such as a GPS radio, a barometer, a thinner display, and a new, faster 16nm processor from TSMC.

Most recently, we heard that the next Apple Watch will be thinner by measures of up to a 40% reduction in thickness. However, that could be meant for the Apple Watch 3. The design might not change one bit in the next Apple Watch. We’re currently unsure of exactly which components will be improved upon, but it’s relatively safe to assume we might see a bump up in screen resolution, storage and battery life.

A new wireless chipset is said to allow for basic communication tasks to be handled without a paired iPhone, and the same technology may also mean that lost Apple Watches could be found using Wi-Fi triangulation.

A source talking to Phone Arena went on to claim that the Apple Watch 2 will have a video camera, allowing users to make and receive video FaceTime calls rather than just audio ones.New materials could be on the cards, such as titanium, platinum and perhaps even Liquidmetal.

One thing which will apparently change according to the source is the thickness of the screen, which will be made thinner to allow for a larger battery and there would be possible software improvements to improve its life.

It could also have a new breed of  smart band to go along with it, as a recent patent application has been filed for a strap that has light fibres woven in, meaning you’ll be able to get notifications from your wrist all the way around.

Adding the suspected Micro-LED panel as the new Apple Watch 2 screen instead of an OLED display used in Apple Watch 1 is likely to raise the cost.Likewise, new rumors suggest Apple is switching to a space-saving One Glass Solution It eliminates the multiple layers involved in the current Apple Watch OLED and could make room for more battery life. But both a newfangled screen and extra power would come at a cost.

 But if you’re hoping the appearance will change or we’ll see a circular smartwatch from Apple you might be out of luck, as leak suggests  that the Apple Watch 2 will have the same screen size, shape and resolution as the first Apple Watch – this is the way the Cupertino firm does things, after all.

Overall we’re really not sure what to expect from the Apple Watch 2 just yet, and we’re sure it will hold plenty of surprises and features beyond what we’ve heard so far and beyond what the original Apple Watch (which will be getting Watch OS 3) is capable of.

 Apple is likely to hold an event in around a month’s time to announce this year’s iPhone; any new Watch models would likely come at the same event.

Source : Techradar


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