Microsoft Has Two Big Windows 10 Updates for 2017

Microsoft has officially announced about its Windows 10 Anniversary upgrade this year, which will be followed by two updates in the coming year.

A new blog post detailing update changes for IT professionals throws light on Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10. “This will be our last feature update for 2016, with two additional feature updates expected in 2017,” says Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer. And for those waiting for the other Windows 10 updates codenamed “Redstone 2” and “Redstone 3”, they are likely to be released during the spring and early fall of next year 2017.

Microsoft is known to release at least two to three updates every year but with only one update this year the pattern has been broken now. The Windows 10 Anniversary update is the one and only big feature update Windows users are to get this year and the “Redstone” update that were planned to be released this very year. Redstone 2 should be the more significant update out of the two, and the second “Redstone 3” update will arrive later next year. Codenamed “Redstone 2,” the Windows 10 update may coincide with hardware updates to Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Book devices.

The two big updates are expected to rectify few security issues and bugs and to improve overall reliability of the operating system. But whether there will be addition of some new features is still not officially acknowledged by Microsoft. But going with the terminology often used by company, “updates” usually mean only bug fixes and reliability improvements while “upgrades” mean addition of new features to the OS.

Microsoft is already working on Redstone 2, with internal builds out for testing.


Source: Techvoize





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