Asus all set for a Z3Nvolution:

With making a vast success in recent years of time in a very short period, Asus stands proud of its achievement but this syrup of success is yet still going to make a big deal with the release of its new masterpiece Zenphone3 across Asia. But for whooping news it is set to, set the latest market to offer Zenphone3, Zenphone3 Ultra and Zenphone3 Deluxe in India. Asus holds its event upcoming on August 17 for the official announcement of the smart phones which is given an erratic name “Z3Nvolution”.


The craftily designed Zenphone3 is a 5.5-inch Full-HD Super IPS+ display, which gives a complete HD experience without any hiccups. The Smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 625 chipset and camera shooter of a 16 MP rear and 8MP front giving you enriched captured moments. The silver lining is that it packs with a 4GB of RAM and 64 gigs of storage which can give you a powerful snap about the phone. The Deluxe attracts to offer a bigger screen of 5.2” and a flagship chipset S820 and a camera which is not going to disappoint you with a 23 MP powered by OIS while on the side ways the Ultra has a whooping 6.8” screen and houses a very large battery of 4,600mAh.

As for now let’s keep calm and keep a close eye on which models will make it to India and more importantly, the exact model variants.

Let’s blink a briefing note about Zenphone3:



Zenphone3 is encased in a corning Gorilla Glass with the finely crafted edges tapered to a thin 7.69mm it is curved with a 5.2-inch or 5.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolutions to show in every nook of detail, and intense 600nits brightness for easy viewing. It’s an ultra slim 2.1mm bezel and an astonishing 77.3% screen-to-body ratio, its more display and less bulk!



It endorses a Pixel Master 3.0 which makes it par with other Smart phones in demand. It packs a 16MP camera, large f/2.0-aperature lens and subject-tracking TriTech auto-focus for any distance to capture and a lightening clarity in just 0.03 seconds. For an anti-blur snaps it hosts an optical and electronic image stabilization.



Zenphone3 doesn’t fail to provide an exceptional performance with a monstrous power including a 64-bit, 2.0GHz octa-core SnapdragonTM 625 processor, 4GB RAM and desktop-grade AdrenoTM 506 graphics performance, it also has a revolutionary 14nm Fin Field Effect transistor with 35% lower power consumption, 300Mbps 4G LTE and reversible USB-C.


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