WhatsApp adds new font: Here’s how to use it

WhatsApp is looking to add a new font to its iOS and Android app, and the feature has been spotted in Android beta build (version 2.16.179). The new WhatsApp version is available via Google Play’s beta program, and the feature has also been spotted by iOS beta users.

Users of WhatsApp will now be able to use a different font for chatting. The font – FixedSys – is similar to the one in Windows with the same name. This is the only font option that seems to be available for WhatsApp right now. The new font, however, isn’t very practical to use. So, everything that users want to type in FixedSys needs to go inside three backquote symbols, both at the starting and at the end of a sentence or a word.

WhatsApp recently added a host of new features to make its platform both convenient and fun. It rolled out quote message feature which allows users to quote specific messages or media and reply to them. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly looking to add GIF support to its iOS app.

WhatsApp, which added support to share documents like PDFs and Doc files; is now fully encrypted. This means that man-in-the-middle attacks are no longer possible on WhatsApp chats, and no third-party can read or listen in to the conversations. Also, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a video-calling feature, which was earlier spotted in an Android beta build, but later taken off.


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