Google App ‘Search Results Ready’ Notifications Being Trialed

Source:Android Headlines


It is probably fairly safe to assume that most Android devices owners use Google Search as their main search tool. In fact, regardless of the platform, it is safe to assume that a large portion of all smartphone owners make use of Google Search. Of course, on a mobile device there is the added benefit of being able to use the Google app in addition to the likes of Chrome to perform searches. Click on the icon, enter the search term, wait for the search results and you are good to go.

As such, it is also fairly safe to assume that Google would want to make the whole act of using the Google app as easy and as pain-free as possible. This is irrespective of where you are, your network provider, data allowance or data speed. Speaking of which, it seems Google is now in the process of testing a new feature which will by and large appeal to those who are on a slow or spotty network. The feature is a rather basic one and might even sound somewhat counter-intuitive to those who do not often suffer from network issues, but the core of the feature seems to be that Google will relay a notification to your device to advise when the Google app has finished searching. If you are on a fast enough connection then this will not be an issue as the results are likely to appear relatively quickly to begin with. However, if your connection is not as solid or as fast then you might end up waiting a short period before the search results manifest themselves. It would seem this particular user-base is who this feature is aimed towards as those users can simply navigate away from the Google app temporarily, get on with something else and be notified when the results are in.

At the moment, the reports on this feature are extremely light and therefore there are no details on if this is being tested on a select number of users or is rolling out as part of a wider update. Likewise, it is unclear whether the feature comes with any additional benefits or other noteworthy aspects other than notifying users when their search results are ready. You can see an example of the type of notification that is being reported in the image below.

Google Search results notifications



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