Odisha villager hacks company’s toll-free number and causes Rs 60-lakh loss

In an interesting turn of events, a 19-year-old villager named Himalaya Mohanty from Odisha hacked into a Hyderabad-based company, causing a loss of Rs 60 lakh.

According to a report by The Times of India, a native of Shibapura village in Balasore district managed to hack the EPABX toll-free number of Lloyd Electricals and Engineering Ltd using his 3-inch mobile phone, and later, uploaded the code along with the toll-free number of Lloyd on a website. This hack allowed him to make free calls via toll-free number.

Mohanty, who isn’t well versed with English, is currently pursuing his ITI course from a private institution. He acquired his hacking skills by participating in online discussions and is capable to hack Wi-Fi routers, email and Facebook accounts along with smartphones as well.

The police stated, “When people contacted him using their phones, he used to hack their phones by sending a Trojan (virus) and used to track their movements. However, all this was done by him without gaining financial benefit.”


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