The one Google Maps feature every user should be using

Gogle Maps has tons of awesome features that will make your life easier, even to the point where you can be your own travel guide. But of all the useful features you should be using, there’s one that sticks out as universally practical…

If you haven’t set your Home and Work locations yet, then you need to do that right away. This simple tip, combined with one other trick mentioned below, will crank up your navigational efficiency by several notches.

To set them, go to Google Maps and type home into the search field but don’t press Enter. You should see a popup that lets you set a new address by clicking on Set Location. When it asks for an address, type in your home address and click Save. Done

Furthermore, if you’re using Google Maps on Android, then the Home and Work locations come in extra handy when combined with these amazing voice command tricks. For example, you can simply say:

“OK Google, navigate to Home.”

And your smartphone will immediately launch Google Maps with directions homeward. No fiddling, no hassle, and absolutely no effort necessary. Just take your seat and speak up. Boom.


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