Tata Sky Everywhere TV now free to compete with Netflix


Netflix entering India is a win-win situation for users, and looks like the affects have started surfacing. Tata Sky has announced that its Everywhere TV service that allows streaming TV channels will be made available for free to all users.

The Everywhere TV was launched back in 2013 and integrated into Tata Sky’s app. Users had to shell out Rs 60 per month to access the service. Users can access the service via the official app and will need to sign up with the registed mobile number or Tata Sky account.

The Tata Sky Everywhere TV comes with an intuitive interface. It will allow users to check the timings for TV shows on various channels and choose a program that you wish to see. Tata Sky’s Everywhere TV can be accessed on up to two devices per subscriber ID. It offers Hindi as well as English content including entertainment, news, sports and so on.

During the launch in October 2013, Tata Sky’s Vikram Mehra said, “The idea is to let our subscribers watch TV while they are travelling or when they are out of home. All that they need is a good 3G mobile connection or a Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Netflix has expanded to over a 100 countries, including India. It is now available for a one-month trial and then you will have to cough up Rs 500 for a basic package. If you are looking for HD quality then you pay Rs 150 additional that amounts to Rs 650 and at Rs 800 you get HD and Ultra-HD.


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